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Gilmore Horsemanship

Elizabeth "E.W." and Dan Gilmore

About us:

Dan Gilmore is the Executive Officer for Equitation and Certification, ICA - International Cavalry Association (Internation Light Cavaly Association).

Dan started riding when he was about 5 years old and has 25+ years as a professional horseman.
He has degrees in History, Management/Marketing and Economics.

His experience and expertise include:

Starting horses
Remedial training for horses
Schooling and training horses in multiple disciplines
Riding instruction (forward system, classical, western, military equitation)
Specialty in Caprilli "Natural System" of Forward Riding
Rider education
Field hunters
Show Jumpers
Stable and farm management
Show grooming
Exercise riding
Published author - Equestrian and Equestrian Related Historical Topics

E.W. started riding when she was eight years old and has worked as a professional horsewoman for 30+ years.
Her professional experience and expertise include:

Starting young horses
Stable and Farm management
Groom and exercise rider at polo stable
Show grooming
Riding instruction
Exercise rider - camp horses - difficult horse
Shown hunters, jumpers
Field and show hunters

Horsemanship - Complete Horsemanship

Our programs are designed to promote and advance the Forward System of Riding (Forward Schooling, Forward Seat and Forward Control) and Classical Riding. Our multi-disciplinary approach is designed to be flexible to suit a wide range of horses and riders leading to specialization in specific disciplines. Instruction is individualized to suit the goals and potentials of both horse and rider.

Our goal is to develop the riders knowledge of theory, experience, tact, confidence, understanding of and ability to care for horses. This requires proper training and schooling of the horse which is taught to those who wish to not only ride but ride well. Versatility eventually leading to specialization and refinement of existing skills and potential of both horse and rider is what we strive for.

At Gilmore Horsemanship, we work on the principle that all horses are individuals and should be treated as such. Certain methods work well for some horses and not so well for others. Therefore, specific considerations must be made to create a personalized training program to match the temperament, conformation and ability of the horse as well as the requirements of the rider. Our theory, methods and techniques that are designed to promote connection, communication and bonding between horse and rider while encouraging serious study of the equestrian arts. We encourage riders to explore and question existing theories and practices to advance riding as an art, develop practical skills and develop the rider's ability to train and school horses. A multi-disciplinary approach increases the tools available to a rider who wishes to go beyond just riding to riding well. Educated riders and horses are the ultimate goal regardless of discipline.

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